Taif Rose Essential Oil

Taif Rose, also knowns as Damask Rose, is a special pride of the Arab world. Its essential oil possesses deep aroma and unique cosmetological properties. Taif, located south-west of Mecca, is one of the oldest cities in the world - the legend has it that it was founded before the Great Flood. During the Middle Ages, Taif was referred to as “Arabian Rose”. Magnificent rose gardens grow here, at the elevation of nearly 2000 meters (6,500 feet) above the sea level. According to another legend, Taif roses were grown specifically for the Ottoman Emperor family and were never to be touched by hands of mere mortals. Of course, these old strict rules are all but gone. Today these roses are world famous and Mecca pilgrims plan their route through Taif, to be able to purchase a drop of the precious oil. Every April approximately 100 million rose flowers are collected in Taif gardens. The warm aroma fills the area,enveloping the city and its suburbs. It takes 40,000 petals, collected at dawn, to produce just one 1 milliliter of essential oil. This rare, valuable oil is produced by steam distillation. The cost of 1 liter (approximately 34 oz) is astounding $50,000. In Vigor products, we use essential oils of the highest perfume quality. Our gentle face cream “Taif Rose” is specifically designed for dry skin. It contains unrefined oils, fish collagen, vitamins A and E - and thus spectacularly nourishes skin, revitalizing it, making it velvety and more elastic, removing lines and rupture traces of small capillaries. “Taif Rose” cream will make you forget about dry skin problems already after the first application.
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