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The events in Ukraine have been on the front pages of the world’s publications - which made us reflect on our country’s destiny and what we do for it. We strive for our daily choices, hard work and talent help to create the world of kindness and beauty.

Ever since Vigor Cosmetics was founded, we were putting forth great efforts to make Ukraine known as a home of outstanding brands, in cosmetology in particular.

To quote Olga Vaigors, Vigor’s CEO, this is the defining principle for the company.

Натуральная косметика Vigor из холодильника

Today many consumers reevaluate their needs, getting rid of once customary products. Despite financial difficulties, people tend to support local producers. Our bioactive cosmetics contain 95% of natural ingredients and we take pride in the fact that they are not only popular in Ukraine, but is also very well received abroad. Our clients point out that the high quality of Vigor face creams and masks allows them to compete with leading international brands. We are looking forward to join the domestic consumer testing program and will be delighted to help every woman feel and look young, beautiful and healthy.

Vigor is first and foremost a dynamic Ukrainian company with a passionate and proud team of professionals, who are doing their best to encourage positive changes in our country. Dealing with wellness and beauty on a daily basis, we can’t remain indifferent towards the problems of those around us - that’s why this is more than just a job for us.

Vigor natural cosmetics have prominent medicinal properties.

We donate our healing creams and masks to the State Border-guard Hospital, where they help to heal burns of our wounded warriors. We hope that our modest contribution will add to the enormous gratitude that these defenders of Ukraine truly deserve.

Our company works with Children’s Socio-Psychological Rehabilitation Center “Dodomu” (“Towards Home”), which takes care of kids who lost their parents or underwent a significant psychological trauma. We hope that our participation* will help every bereaved child to find his or her home!

It’s natural to love one’s homeland. And we wish that every day added new, positive reasons to be proud of Ukraine. Creating unique high quality health and beauty products, we hope to be helping those who need it and making this world a little kinder and more harmonious. After all, beauty, they say, will save the world!

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