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The company partners Vigor Cosmetique Naturelle - leading research institutes in France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom - are experts in the field of high-performance natural cosmetic ingredients.

Secrets of Nature, collected in natural cosmetics, allow the skin to always remain soft and velvety. Unusually high concentration of biologically active substances - the main difference creams, masks, serums and other means of Vigor. They embody the principle of unity of health and beauty.

Products Vigor Cosmetique Naturelle not contain parabens, carcinogens, mineral oils, hormones, chemical preservatives and colorants. The maximum effect is achieved through use of natural ingredients, which contribute to a healthier skin without disturbing the flow of biochemical processes in the body. 

The original formulation of cosmetics Vigor developed with the participation of competent beauticians biotechnologists and microbiologists. Years of experience and traditions based on strict adherence to quality as well as unique innovations make the process of creating cosmetics now sacrament - art beauty birthday.

Cosmetics Vigor different natural color, aroma of natural essential oils and plant extracts. It will help you easily solve the problems of the skin, and the process of care to a pleasant SPA-procedures, bringing relaxation and pleasure. It is necessary to take up the magic box or jar, decorated with exquisite author's figures, and you open the door to a world of beauty, youth and health.

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