cornflower extract

A golden rye field sprinkled with blue cornflowers is a mesmerizing summer image, which reminds us yet again of magnificence of nature. And, as it’s often the case, nature generously reveals its secrets of beauty and health. Cornflower is one of them. Bright, yet delicate, these wild flowers have been companions of grain fields for centuries. People attributed to them magical powers - to protect harvests from witches and... to cast spells on men. Come to think of it, magic properties of cornflowers aren’t that big of an exaggeration. In reality, this flower does possess healing properties and is widely used in medicine and cosmetology. Cornflowers contain anthocyanins and flavonoids - powerful natural antioxidants with bactericide and regenerating properties. The flowers also contain high amounts of organic acids, micro-elements, glycosides, tannins and pectins. In medicine they are used to treat kidney, heart and stomach problems, eye conditions, bronchitis and angina, allergies and skin infections. In the early 20th century archaeologists found a cornflower wreath among jewelry buried in the tomb of Tutankhamen - and it is widely known that only the most valuable items ended up in the shrines of pharaohs. The dried flowers maintained color and shape, and carried through centuries the memory of ancient Egypt. Wound healing, analgesic and tonic properties of cornflower were studied by ancient Greek scholars Pliny the Elder and Aristotle. In ancient mythology cornflower is referred to as a medicinal herb which brought back to life centaur Chiron, the wise friend and instructor of Heracles and other heros. Chiron got wounded by an arrow treated with a deadly poison of Lernaean Hydra. If it was not for a cornflower, nobody would be there to teach arts and sciences to ancient Greek heros... Thanks to this legend, the Latin name of the flower is Centaurea - “the one that belongs to centaur”. It is likely that healing properties and pronounced beneficial effect on skin became the foundation of ancient legends about cornflower’s love potion powers. What man can resist charm of a beautiful woman? Traditional folk recipes and newest developments in cosmetology inspired Vigor to create cosmetic products which restore youth and freshness. For instance, a rejuvenating tonic “Cornflower Water” will easily solve problems of dry and tired skin. An indispensable face moisturizer, it restores cells and eliminates inflammations. Cornflower-based cosmetic products are especially effective on gentle, sensitive skin. Cream “Cornflower” is designed for delicate eye area - it will make you forget about puffiness, dark circles and crow’s feet. Organic alginate under-eye mask “Cornflower” will relieve tired eyes and significantly reduce depth of wrinkles. Cornflower hydrolat and extract, which are part of Vigor masks, creams and tonics, will ensure that your look is always radiant. With well-groomed, fresh skin and natural beauty you won’t need any love potions. Except, perhaps, the one in an elegant Vigor jar with a gentle blue flower on it.
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